User Groups

We have a variety of user groups that runs from the centre, including Christ's Embassy Church, Zumba, Youth Club, Stay & Play Sessions and Family Disco's.  We are always on a lookout for more, so contact us if you are interested.



We have many different activities that happen at the centre including, St Patricks Day Disco, Easter Disco, Family Fun Day, Mother's Day Disco, Father's Day Disco, Valentines Disco, St Georges Disco, Christmas Disco and New Years Eve Disco.


Booking the centre

If you wish to use the hall for a party, event or any other activity then we would be more than happy to. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate to everyone and there are some terms with using the centre. Click the link below to find out more or to book a event for yourself.

Bramblebrooks Main Goal

Bramblebrook Community Centre, is run by the community for the community.  We will put on events and have user groups that will benefit all the community, as well as rent out space for parties and celebrations.

We aim to be a centre open to all regardless of background, colour or race, and to encourage as many people as possible from Abbey Ward area to be on the committee, to make the decisions for what happens at the centre going forward.



Volunteer Now

We need you help to run the centre.  Could you help run events, make decisions with the committee, or help us run the cafe? The centre will only continue with volunteers like you!